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Restaurant Review: The Wandering Goose

It even looks pretty, right?

Whenever I go home to Seattle, there is a big old question to ask: Where do we eat? See, every member of my family is a foodie just like me, and we want to eat only delicious things. So when Jonah and I were there before New Year’s, my dad took us to this tiny little place on Capitol Hill called The Wandering Goose. The menu is full of biscuit sandwiches and delicious looking pastries, and it’s obviously good, because the place’s 10 or so tables are packed, with a line halfway from the counter to the door.

And for dessert, pastries.

The fare at The Wandering Goose is all seasonally inspired and very affordable. We started with the special biscuit sandwich, which, on the day we went, was ground wild boar in some kind of tomato-based sauce with cornmeal crusted jalapeno slices and a sunny side up duck egg. The biscuit was lovely: light, flakey, and full of flavor. The filling was nice and spicy, without being too much so for breakfast. The other main dish we ordered was braised beef brisket, vegetables, potatoes, and two poached eggs, served in a mini cast-iron skillet. This was my favorite: the beef fell apart and was so flavorful, and the little bits of potatoes and veggies were nice to have mixed in to lighten the dish up. And of course, who can say no to poached eggs? I loved how the yolk ran over the beef and made everything that little bit richer. Yum.

For our second course, we returned to the counter and got an apple-rosemary hand pie and a slice of the pecan blueberry coffeecake. The coffeecake was good, but paled in comparison to the hand pie. I have been wanting to make hand pies for a while now (I mean, have you seen this recipe?), and this one was definitely in an inspiration. While I wish the rosemary had been chopped into smaller pieces, the amount of rosemary was lovely: more than just a hint, but not overpowering. And the crust was dusted with sugar and perfectly crumbly. I definitely recommend this place for breakfast if you’re in the area, whether for some pastries on the go or any of the breakfast plates or biscuit sandwiches!