Product Review: Amour Spreads

Amour Spreads Apricot Rose Jam // Serious Crust by Annie Fassler

Almost a month ago now, when I made that¬†fig challah, my friend Jahnavi came over to enjoy it with us. Her contribution to the meal (which didn’t just consist of fig challah, but also shrimp and corn/green beans/zucchini) was some hand picked tomato and basil, as well as a beautiful jar of Apricot Rose Jam.

Jahnavi’s mother and her husband, Casee and John Francis, own Amour Spreads, a jam company in Utah. The company is family owned and operated, and they make all of their jam from peak season, organic ingredients.¬†With flavors like apricot rose, blood orange rosemary, savory heirloom tomato, and pear lavender, these jams make my mouth water. This jam packed the essence of apricot into a jar. It was perfect – bright, tangy, sweet – with a hint of rose that added a lovely complexity to it. It has been perfect smothered on toast in the morning, and I can imagine it would be perfect to use in rugelach or as a glaze for your Thanksgiving turkey.

The other day my friend Elsa was making fun of me because when I’m making baked goods I always like to find recipes with unexpected/unconventional ingredients (like chocolate chip, thyme, and sea salt cookies, for example…). But to me, that’s what makes food exciting and interesting – unexpected flavor combinations that taste completely new. I can’t wait to try some of Amour’s more unique flavors.