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Restaurant Review: Tasty n Sons

A few weeks ago, my mom and her boyfriend and my sisters ALL were in town. They came to see me and Jonah do a gig out at Edgefield winery in Troutdale. Which was really fun. The morning after the gig, we decided to go to Tasty n Sons for brunch. I’d been once before, and man was it good. And man was the wait long. But worth it, I think.

So we went, and yes, the wait was long. But while we waited, we sat back behind the restaurant by Chop, the butchery, and watched the cooks at the restaurant make bacon. There are worse ways to spend your time, don’t you think?

When we finally sat down, we ordered far too much food. I ordered the steak and eggs, which comes with an amazing jalapeno cornmeal pancake below some delicious scrambled eggs and marinated steak. We also ordered bacon-wrapped dates with maple syrup, the breakfast board, and polenta and sausage ragu with mozzarella and a fried egg, among other things. The polenta was delicious! Creamy and cheesy with yummy ragu, and covered in runny yolk.

Then came the breakfast board. It had… teriyaki beef jerky, some bacon-y type stuff, bread with delicious sweet cheese, some kind of pate, and Hood strawberries. It was good.

And I sat waiting for my steak and eggs, trying not to eat too much of anything else so I wasn’t too full to eat my dish. And I waited… and waited… and waited… And it didn’t come. So I finally asked about it, and our waitress had forgotten to put in the order. So she put in the order and I figured, oh they’ll rush it, so it won’t take that long. But it still took kind of a long time. At this point, everyone else had finished eating and we were all pretty full. To apologize they brought biscuits with gravy, which was good, but all I really wanted was my steak and eggs! So eventually I asked to just have them put it in a box, and I took it home. And actually, it made really good leftovers. I ate it for lunch the next 2 days.

Now, even though my food didn’t come in time for me to eat it, everything else was really very good. Even after the fact, my dish was really good. The place is a Portland staple, and worth the long wait, in my opinion. The previous time I went, I didn’t have to wait too long for any of my food. So you know, I think this just happens to me a lot (see what happened to me at Stopsky’s). So I would definitely recommend Tasty n Sons! Just know that it’s busy and loud, and that the food is delicious.